Australia's champion Sweet Adeline a cappella show chorus!

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Your management and music teams are looking forward to try to see what Perth Harmony Chorus will look like in the future . We would ask you to answer 4 questions to help direct our efforts

We are looking at the culture within PHC and whether it needs to change to attract new members and make being a member better for existing members 

Perth Harmony Chorus
Perth Harmony Chorus, On A Mission Show 2014

The barbershop art form was introduced to Western Australia in 1980. By 1984, the number of singers had grown from 5 to more than 20 and the Perth Harmony Chorus chapter of Sweet Adelines International was chartered.

We Want You!

Welcome to Perth Harmony Chorus! Maybe you've come here for information about the barbershop artstyle, maybe you've heard us at a concert and felt the pull to be part of our sound, or maybe you feel as though your life is missing something?

We are always looking for new members; women who love to sing and are keen to belong to a singing group that works hard and achieves high.

Do you:

  • love to sing?
  • hum along to the radio, maybe even in harmony?
  • enjoy being part of a community of women who HAVE FUN?
  • want to learn a new skill under the guidance of world experts?

You can find out more information about the audition process here or learn about the barbershop artform here.

See the testimonials from women who have been part of the chorus for decades as well as our newer members.

And when you think you're ready to learn more, contact us here!!

In The meantime Watch Us

Ann Gooch Award


We extend warm congratulations to our marvelous Director, Carole Macintyre, who was honoured by Sweet Adelines International for her outstanding leadership and successful promotion of Sweet Adelines and the art of barbershop throughout Australia.  Watch Carole's inspiring acceptance speech below.


Testimonials from our 2016 show

  “Best Show PHC have done”                    ““Sequins-ooooh""


                                           “Kayleen’s Mum Loved it”                                    “Great introduction to barbershop”


“Tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks “                            “Loved the comedy”                


                          “Gorgeous director and the ‘little one was pretty good too”    


“Absolutely blown away by the professionalism”